Monday, November 5, 2012

Trick or Treat!

Halloween was even more fun that I could have imagined this year.  Braxton practiced saying "trick or treat!" for weeks before the big day.  All the practice certainly paid off - he was amazed that those simple words filled his bucket with more candy than he had ever dreamed! 

Even though it was last day of the month, Daddy came home at 5:30 so that we could go trick or treating as a family.  Grandma and Bob came over to see the boys and hand out candy while we were walking the neighborhood.  

Here is the crew getting ready to head out 

Braxton was SO excited to begin!

Sweet Brenton enjoyed all the festivities, too! He loved seeing all the costumes! 

We met up with the girls next door.  Braxton loves these girls to pieces.  He had so much fun walking with them!

Even crazy Daddy joined in on the fun! 

Uncle Matty surprised the boys and joined us along the way! The boys were so excited to see him.  They sure love their Uncle! 

Trick or Treat!!! 

Checking out his loot!

Pirate Brenton

Candy is so much sweeter when you share it with a friend! 

Happy Halloween, Everyone!! 


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