Friday, March 8, 2013

Our Little Pirate is THREE!

This year was the first year that Braxton really understood his birthday.  He talked and talked about it for the months leading up to his big day.  He is so proud to be 3.  I am still in serious denial that my baby really IS three.  I feel like just yesterday I was rocking him in my arms...ok here come the water works.  Eek! Moving on!

I was so excited to get him out of bed on his birthday.  
 This is the sweet face I was greeted with :) 
 He's 3!! (Incidentally, if you hold up your pointer, middle and ring finger to represent the number three, he is quick to correct you.  He tells you no! I'm not THAT many, I'm THIS many...and holds his fingers like the above picture. He makes me laugh!)

Braxton's Birthday Breakfast!
 I told him he could have ANYTHING he wanted for his special birthday feast.  He chose mini pancakes covered in syrup and powdered sugar.  Then topped with "small strawberries" as he calls them, bananas and what birthday feast would be complete without the addition of some M&Ms! 

Yum!! He was so happy with his breakfast :) 

His birthday party was the next day - February 3rd.  While Brenton napped, I continued with set up for the next day.  Pirate Braxton practiced his sword skills while I set up.  More on his actual party to come in a separate post...

Mike came home early (we were actually supposed to all go out to dinner but our sweet little Brenton was under the weather.  We ended up ordering take out and having a super fun time at home with Grandma and Bob).  Mike paraded Braxton down the street with his pirate sword.  Braxton yelled Ahoy! and Argh!! as they moved slowly down the road. 

The little feet of a 3 year old! :) 

Then it was time to open some presents.  Grandma and Bob got Braxton exactly what every 3 year old needs.  A chainsaw.  He also got M&Ms, a hard hat and construction gloves to go with his cool chainsaw!  What a fun night! 

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