Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Peter Pan...

You may look at this  picture and think "why on EARTH would she post a picture of Braxton with a bra on his head??" Well....the story is just TOO precious to not share...even though I'm showing you a glimpse of my messy closet and my under garments....Here we go.

Last month Disney re-released the movie Peter Pan.  Braxton has been such a huge fan of Captain Hook and the show Jake and the Neverland Pirates so I thought he'd love it.  Boy was I right...we've watched Peter Pan on repeat for weeks now.  I find myself going to bed humming the tune "we're following the leeeeader, the leader, the leader...." frequently. I love the movie too, it really is one of my childhood favorites.  But I won't be upset if he wants to switch it up from time to time ;) 

At the beginning of the movie when Peter comes to visit Wendy and the boys, he finds his lost shadow.  He begins tossing the shadow around and attempting to attach it with a bar of soap.  In our sweet Braxton's eyes...Peter's shadow must look like one of my black bras.  As I was folding laundry in my bedroom a small voice from the closet begins yelling "Mom! Mommy!! Come look at me! Come look!!" I jumped up wondering what on earth I was going to see when I walked into my closet...well...this is what I found...

Braxton said "Mommy!! I found Peter Pan's shadow! Look at me! I have to put it on!!" Oh my gosh...I came unglued.  This was the last thing on earth I ever expected to see and it just about brought me to my knees with laughter.  This little boy is so incredibly funny.  He comes up with stuff I could never even dream of.  I love watching life through his innocent eyes.  He truly is such a precious gift from God.  Love him so much! 

And just so you can see what I'm talking about...Here is a google image of Peter trying to attach his shadow. :) 

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