Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Peek Into February

February was a wild month! We had so much fun and kept extremely busy.  We had visits from lots of friends and family - what a blast! Here is a peek of what we were up to during the past month or so :)


We started off the month celebrating this little guys 3rd Birthday - More on his awesome pirate party later :) 

We spent one rainy afternoon playing outside.  Braxton loved playing with his Lightning McQueen umbrella and Brenton practiced riding on his new balance bike with Daddy.  

Feeling Crummy....
When I started writing this blog I decided that I wasn't going to hold anything back.  I needed to document every moment of our lives.  Unfortunately, the stomach bug is a crummy moment in our lives.  Feeling blessed that a 48hour bug is all we had to worry about - but it still breaks your heart to see your little ones feeling so yucky.  Brenton got sick on Braxton's birthday with the yucky bug...and we dropped like flies after that.  By Midnight of Braxton's birthday Braxton was awake with it as well. 

This was what our bathroom looked like after one very, very long night.  Mike was an absolute champ in the clean up department.  This allowed me to get the kids cleaned, redressed and feeling comfortable.  We had buckets all over the house just in case.  We had things down to a science.  We had 20 seconds to get into their bedrooms with a bucket from the time they started crying.  So glad that is finally over and our sweet babies are feeling so much better.  Yucky, yucky, yuck.  

 Lots of resting and quiet play took place.  

And lots of snuggles! 

 Feeling yucky....
...but still being silly! 

Thankfully the bug was completely out of our house by the time Mike's parents arrived.  When Grandma and Papa got into town the kids were full of energy and ready to play! 

Grandma and Papa came down to celebrate Braxton's big 3rd birthday.  They spent lots of time outside soaking up the beautiful weather. 

Papa stayed with Brenton while Braxton was at school so Janet and I could go get pedicures. 

Aren't they fabulous?!

Then we headed up to Wesley Chapel for some shopping.  Later we met up with mike and had amazing pizza :)  

Papa playing with the boys - what he does best! 

It was Oscar night! Janet and I watched with cocktails and cupcakes :) So fun!! 

Braxton has a new love for ginger ale....Vernors in particular.  It all started during his stomach virus.  I thought the ginger ale would help him --- boy was I right.  It was just what he needed...and now it's what he needs ALL.THE.TIME. ;) Such a cutie! 

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 

Flowers from my sweet boys.  I'm one lucky Momma! :) 

Our little "hunk-a burnin' love" 

A special Valentine's dinner was waiting at home for the boys after we picked up Braxton from school. 

Braxton received so many sweet Valentines at school today.  He couldn't wait to open all of them after dinner! 

Checking out his Valentine's dinner 

My funny little Valentines! 

No Valentine's Dinner would be complete without a I right?? Isn't this normal? ;) 

Checking out all of his loot from his classmates. 

...and a baby with a chainsaw.  Totally normal in our house... 

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa! This year marks 60 years of marriage for the most inspiring couple I know.  Lots more to come on their very special celebration.  It was such a fun time - I have so much to share - coming soon!! :) 

Fun with Maggie! 

These two have so much fun together.  I just love how close they are! 

Hanging out with my little buddy.

Darling. Precious. Adorable. Love love love!

I just can't resist this face. What a ham. 

Michigan is still kicking booty in basketball! Go Blue! 

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