Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

If you know me, you know I love to celebrate.  I will celebrate anything and everything.  There is always an excuse for a celebration! St. Patrick's Day is no exception.  I do not know if I have an ounce of Irish in my blood, but I will be Irish on March 17th! ;) 

The night before St. Patty's Day the boys and I made lucky green cupcakes.  Braxton is such a cute little baker.  He loves to help pour and stir, but above all, he loves to lick the spoon! Who doesn't?! 

I love making these sweet memories with the boys.  With a life this wonderful and boys this sweet, how could I NOT celebrate?! :) 

Sweet Little B's first time licking a spoon! He had a messy blast! 

Decorating our cupcakes.  We used the marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal.  Braxton went to the store with me to pick them out.  He walked up and down the aisle until he spotted them.  It was such a fun little impromptu scavenger hunt. 

 He was so proud of his cupcakes! 

Sunday morning the kids came downstairs to a special breakfast.  A leprechaun must have decorated the table and left us all green pancakes and gold coins! :) 

....and yes, Brenton had a cupcake at breakfast.  Why not?! It's St. Patty's Day! 

He's growing big and strong from eating all of his breakfast! 


The boys sat and watched Mickey Mouse with happy full bellies. 

We hope you had a fabulous St. Patrick's Day too!!

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