Monday, April 1, 2013

Picnic Pals

Another gorgeous March afternoon.  The weather this month has been crazy.  A really nice crazy.  Usually when March rolls around in Florida, it is beginning to get hot, hot, HOT.  This year has been so different.  We have had record lows - including FROST!  The afternoons have been sunny and cool.  Absolutely perfect weather.  I know it won't last too much longer so we are soaking it all in as much as we can.  

The boys spent the afternoon having a backyard picnic.  One of their favorite treats at this time is a box of yogurt raisins.  Sweet Brenton will do ANYTHING to get his hands on a little red raisin box. We laid a blanket on the grass in the back yard, chit chatted and sang songs. 

A perfect afternoon, if you ask me! 

 It started to get a little windy out so we moved our picnic onto the porch.  I just loved this view of them sitting next to each other in matching track suits.  

Love them!! 

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