Thursday, April 11, 2013

What the Speigl crew has been up to!

We have had a busy start to April in the Speigl house.  On Easter Sunday (...more on that to come, I still haven't uploaded my Easter pics) University of Michigan beat Florida sending them to Atlanta for the Final Four.  We knew going into this tournament that Mike would be driving to Atlanta if Michigan made it all the way.  He went from early Saturday morning and stayed through Tuesday.  The boys and I had lots of fun while daddy was away but we missed him to pieces! 

I love that these two always want to sit together when they watch TV. So sweet! 

Good morning! Time to start our day!! 

The boys could play with foaming bubbles for hours if I let them.  It's amazing how the littlest things can be so exciting to them. Love it! 

The sweet face that I was greeted with as I was changing Brenton's diaper.  He came running into me saying "mom! Look at me! I am so silly! Take my picture for Daddy!" 

Then he kept his ensemble on for the remainder of the evening. 

Good Morning! The gangs all here!! 
Braxton loves his special animals.  He had Doggy, Lambie and Llama Llama Red Pajama.  This trio keeps him company through the night :) 

Just relaxing watching a little morning Mickey.

Bristle Blocks and empty wipe containers keep these boys busy.  Brenton and I always play with them to exercise his fine motor skills.  When Braxton's home he always joins in on the fun too.  Simple activities are the best! 

"This is my brother.  He is my best friend.  I love him to the moon.  Take a picture mommy!" It doesn't get any sweeter than that.  These two melt my heart. So blessed by them. 

Oh, Brenton! You silly bear! He's a moth to a flame when it comes to wipe packages.  He will spot them across the room and quickly pull out every single wipe.  Funny, funny boy! 

Hooray for best friend Wednesday!! This picture just floors me...they are all getting so big.  It started with just Sweet there are FOUR. Four very special kiddos.  We will cherish these weekly lunch memories forever.  

Exhausted after their lunch playdate!

This is what I found when I got out of the shower.  Braxton had pulled everything off our bed and made himself a nest.  He was just sitting there playing games on the iPad.  Silly boy! 

We were supposed to spend today on the beach with our dear friends the Salahs.  Unfortunately, it rained harder and longer than it had in months.  Such a bummer! We decided to meet at Mote Marine for some indoor fun.  The kids had a blast looking at all the marine life, and the parents had a great time catching up.  Moms and Dads had blast catching up later when all the grandparents watched the kiddos so we could do an adults only dinner.  Such a fun night! 

Many areas of Mote Marine are both indoor/outdoor.  As the rain came down the boys ran and splashed in the water.  They were soaked, but they were happy.  That's all that matters, right?! 

Our little Braxton in his rain gear.  In the back you see Brenton and Isaak playing in the puddles.  Braxton played for a little bit in the rain but he was MUCH more fascinated in looking at the animals.  While the two younger boys played I said "Braxton why don't you go splash with the boys?" thinking that it would be fun for him.  His response was "I already did I want to see the Sea Turtles!" ...our little scientist in the making. ;)

Love this rain coat! 

I couldn't get him to look at me...he was way too into watching the sea lion show. :) 

The floods....oh my, the floods! I honestly have not seen it rain this hard and long in Florida in ages.  It was the yuckiest weather day...but being with our friends definitely brought some sunshine into our day! 

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