Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Catch up time!

Time to catch up on every day of 2013 :) Hopefully, after this giant post, I will just add one entry a day recapping the day's events.

Enjoy!!! :)
January 14

Yay!!!!! Brenton is clapping after hearing me sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider.  This boy sure knows how to make you feel like a rockstar!! :) 

Little B's new favorite activity....climbing in and out of the toy box.  As soon as I pull him out, he's back in again.  Goofball! 

After school today Braxton said to me "mom, I can't play with Brenton right now.  I need to take a break." He also said he had a very busy day.  This is him....taking a break. It's tough being a big preschooler :) 

Brenton showed Braxton his new trick of climbing in the toy box.  Braxton decided to join him.  I just love watching these two play together.  It took a while to get to this point...but it was sure worth the wait.  They are just darling. 

Tonight for dinner I made a pasta casserole from scratch...even included my own home made roasted tomato pasta sauce...whoa! :) Braxton, who typically will eat anything in noodle form, told me he didn't  like pasta anymore.  I told him he had to at least try it.  When he still didn't want to try it I said to him, "Braxton, mommy made this pasta special for you.  It is made with love!" His response to me was "I don't like love mommy, I think it's disgusting!" Ay yi yi...who is this boy...and where did he learn the word disgusting?! You'll be happy to know that with a little more coaxing, he ate the pasta and thought it was fabulous. Phew!  :) 

January 13

Today was the big Michigan vs Ohio State basketball game.  Michigan is currently ranked #2.  They have an awesome team this year.  Mike is such a huge basketball fan so he is beyond happy that his beloved Michigan if finally doing so well again.  We headed to Tampa with the boys to a Michigan basketball watch party at Beef O'Brady's with our friend Max.  I didn't get many pictures that day :( This is my new Michigan bag, though. Haha! 

Unfortunately, Michigan lost by 3.  Sad, sad day for Michigan fans.  It was such a close game.  Had they won this game, they would have been #1. This is how Brenton felt about the loss.  :( 

January 12
This morning, Grandpa Mike came over for a visit.  He worked with Braxton on his golf swing and they even played a little catch/volleyball! The boys had a blast playing with their Grandpa. 

Dad brought over these hats for the boys.  While Brenton napped Braxton and I took turns wearing the hats and making silly animal noises.  Too fun! 

My mom and Bob took the kids tonight so that Mike and I could go to a friends birthday party in Tampa.  Before the party we decided to have a quiet date night dinner. The food was fantastic...these are the dessert nachos we had! Cinnamon chips with ice-cream, chocolate sauce and strawberries.  Holy Moly! So, so good! 

January 11
Brenton played with one of his favorite toys he got for his birthday.  Aunt Sandy and family found this awesome race car driving toy.  I had never seen it before - and it is WAY COOL.  Mike and I even find ourselves playing with it from time to time.  We are both just big kids :) 

After I picked up Braxton from school he decided he wanted to make a present for daddy.  We pulled out his crayons and stickers and he created a beautiful picture.  Such a sweet boy with a great big heart. 

His finished product.

Braxton loves to make his brother laugh.  He will do just about anything to get a laugh.  Tonight at dinner he pulled his shirt over his head and made up a goofy song for Brenton.  He's so silly - definitely from a family of clowns!! 

After dinner the boys snuggled on the couch to watch an episode of Bubble Guppies before heading up to bath time and bed time.  Braxton always asks for Brenton to sit next to him.  They love each other so much.  It just melts my heart to pieces. 

January 10

This little guy had a rough night sleep.  Sweet boy woke up with a fever and swatting at his ear.  Looks like another trip to the Dr. is in order.  

Before heading off to school, Braxton read some books to Brenton.  They are just so sweet to each other.  Braxton is such a good big brother. 

Waiting at the doctors office with the sick Booboo Bear. 

Dr. confirmed.  Another ear infection for this sweet little guy.  He was able to catch a little snooze while we waited for his prescription. 

The medicine started to kick in and Brenton was feeling much better! These are the boys "CHEEEEESE!" faces.  They make me laugh out loud whenever they make these funny faces. 

 Braxton created his own menu for dinner tonight.  He asked for strawberries, yogurt with sprinkles, puzzle piece PB&J sandwich and green beans. He was very excited that I said yes to all of his requests! ;) 

The boys always play after they get out of the bathtub.  Braxton has a hooded monster towel.  He loves to crawl the house chasing after Brenton.  Brenton loves it too. They both squeal and laugh the entire time!  

 Love the after bath time snuggles this little guy gives!

After Brenton went to bed, Braxton and I played for a while in the bonus room.  Tonight he also serenaded me with his new accordion. Quite the little musician, if you ask me! 

January 9
 Love our breakfast time together on Wednesday mornings.  This morning the boys had waffles, yogurt and strawberries.  The boys usually sing and dance along with Mickey Mouse as they eat.  Who can resist doing Mickey's Hot Dog Dance in the mornings?! Not us! :)

 While Brenton napped and I got dressed, Braxton played some games on the iPad.  He loves to snuggle up in our pillows and play.  He always looks so cozy...makes me want to dive right in too! 

Mike was working late tonight so before bed Braxton wanted to draw a picture for him.  This is a picture of a rubber ducky. Such a good little artist! :)  

January 8 

This little guy loves to "cheers" my coffee cup with his sippy cup.  So silly! He does it almost every morning. Love it! 

Being a goofball right before nap time.  

While Brenton napped I cleaned Braxton's bedroom.  It is not very often that his room looks like this...so I figured I should document it! :) He's such a big boy now with his big boy bed.  My goodness, where has all the time gone?! 

 Man oh man does he look like a grown up little boy in this picture.  Where did my baby go?! 

Santa left Braxton some super cool light up sun glasses in his stocking this year.  They haven't been used in the sun much yet...but he sure loves to wear them in the house! Such a ham! 

These boys love secrets.  I have a feeling this is the beginning of many brotherly secrets through the years.  Braxton just loves to whisper in Brenton's ear.  Braxton's whispers are quite loud so I get to hear what they are talking about ...shh! Don't tell him I know! ;) Usually they are sweet little statements like "Daddy's coming home soon!" or "After dinner we can have M&Ms!" oooooh boy do they know how to melt my heart.  

Being silly before dinner 

I heard a lot of clatter while I was doing laundry.  This is what I came out to. When I asked Braxton what they were doing his response was "cleaning mommy!" All I could do was laugh.  They were cleaning, alright.  Cleaned out every single bowl, cup and plate out of the drawer! This picture reminds me of a sign that I once saw.  "Please excuse the mess, my children are making memories." Couldn't be more appropriate for this moment.  I'm very grateful that our boys play so well together.  If making memories comes with a little mess from time to time, so be it.  They are having fun and making memories.  And that, right there, is worth the time it takes to clean up this little mess.  :) 

January 7
Today was a snuggly kind of day...

(So dark! Sorry!) We started the day of by snuggling in mommy and daddy's room watching a little Mickey Mouse. 

Mommy and Brenton snuggled right before picking Braxton up from school. 

 Then, Braxton came home and we snuggled a little more! 

After Brenton went to bed, Brax and I did more snuggling. 

 Then it was time for this sweet boy to go to bed....so we snuggled more! See, I told you. Sometimes we all need a day where the only thing on your agenda is snuggling.  Today was perfect, every single cuddly minute. 

January 6
Good morning! Breakfast with our little peanut.

Braxton loves to go in and see Brenton when he wakes up from his nap.  As soon as he hears his little whimper when he wakes up he yells "Oh! Brenton's awake! I gotta go check on him!" This morning, I was in the middle of washing my hands and he went in before me.  I watched them on the monitor.  It was absolutely precious, they sure love each other so much.  

After nap time Mike and I took the kiddos on a walk.  It started out as a bike ride but Braxton insisted on being pulled in the wagon instead of riding his bike.  It was a beautiful day and even more beautiful to be spending it all together. 

Lunch time sweethearts! Love love love them!! 

January 5
Mom and Bob watched the kids down at her house all day today (and last night!) so I could get some projects finished.  I have been trying to clean my laundry room for months.  So happy it is finally in good shape - hoping to keep it super clean for all of '13 (and beyond! ...I never want to spend that much time cleaning a laundry room again! Yuck!) 

 The boys are back!! Mom and Bob dropped the kids off around 5.  Even though they were only gone for a day - I missed them to pieces and was SOOOO happy to see them.  I'll have to get some pics from my mom since I don't have many from this day.  Braxton is wearing work boots they got for him and a Handy Manny shirt because he was Bob's little construction helper.  As Braxton says the "built two garages and two kitchens today." Braxton is all boy and absolutely loves tools and construction equipment.  It was a special weekend for them, for sure. 

 A tell tale sign that the boys are back :) I love that they leave messy handprints all over my house and I love love love this picture.  It may be crazy but I find it absolutely precious.  Those sweet hands will only be that small for a little while.  They grow too fast. <3  

January 4

Not many pictures from this day.  Daddy took Braxton to school this morning and Grandma actually picked him up from school. Braxton loves when Grandma gets him from school.  It's always such a fun surprise for him.  The boys got to go to Grandma and Bob's house for their very first sleep over! Mike and I (and his team from Honda) went to a foster home this afternoon and took 20+ little kids to Payless Shoe Source to purchase them brand new shoes. It was so humbling to see such sweet little kids - the same ages as our own and hear their touching stories.  Lots of prayers for these sweet children.  If I could, I would have taken every one of them home with me.  Sweet, sweet kids.   
Before Grandma came to get the boys, I did Brenton's treatment.  Don't let the picture fool you.  He HATES having these done (this was right before his major meltdown...Only 3 1/2 more weeks of doing this! :) ) I tried to get the big treatment out of the way so my poor mom didn't have to do it for him.  It breaks her heart to force it on him. It breaks mine too....but he has to have it :( 

 Here is a a picture from our day with the children.  Their faces are covered for confidentiality purposes.  After we picked out shoes, we went next door to Dairy Queen for ice cream.  The kids were so, so grateful.  Warmed every inch of my heart. 

January 3 

 Blue frosting cupcakes! 


Dinner time with a couple of silly boys! 

 I just never know what I'm going to walk into when the words "Mom! Come here! Look!" are muttered from the bathroom.  This time...THIS is what was happening. Boys, boys, boys.  Silly as can be! 

 The boys LOVE to race up the stairs after dinner for bath time.  If I forget to let Brenton crawl behind his brother, he will practically dive out of my arms.  I love their giggles as they crawl "super fast" as Braxton says.  

Usually after dinner  the boys go right to bath time.  This night we decided to play a little while in the Bonus room before moving on to tubby time.  Tonight's game was bridge building.  You may not be able to tell from the photo -- but all those blankets draped across the couch and ottomans are bridges.  Such sweet little imaginations. We did lots and lots of climbing together :) 

January 2

Both boys had doctors appointments this morning.  Brenton had a recheck from his Dec 21st ear infection.  Both boys were scheduled to get their flu shots.  Poor Brenton was wheezing so instead of getting his flu shot, they put him back on his breathing treatment for the next month.  Braxton was feeling great so they were able to give him the vaccine.  Since he is such a big boy now, he was able to do the FluMist which is a nasal spray rather than an actual shot.  Hooray for not having to give this silly almost 3 year old a shot!! Phew, I was nervous about that one! :) He took the mist like a champ.  I was a very proud mommy! 

January 1

The boys rang in the first day of the new year by playing instruments together.

 This was cousin Jayce's last night in Florida.  The two little guys had one more splishy splashy bath time.  Sweet, sweet memories. 

With Love,

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