Friday, January 25, 2013

January 19, 2013

Happy Saturday!!! 

 I love Saturday mornings with the boys. It's so much fun to get up and not race around getting everyone out the door for work, school, doctors appointments, etc.  We usually just relax and stay in our PJs for a good portion of the morning.    

Brenton has discovered yet another place to climb into.  He's fearless! 

I was in the bathroom with Braxton and came out to THIS.  Perhaps he heard me say I had to do the dishes? Yes, maybe he was just trying to help me.  Fearless, I tell ya! 

Out of all the places the boys could go play...this morning they chose the bathroom.  They are two peas in a pod! 

While Brenton napped Braxton moved the dining room chairs into a line so we could play train.  He handed me these sunglasses (that Uncle Matty J. left at our house) and said "drive the train mommy!!!" So, here we are...on our train! :) 

We counted goldfish and made shapes out of them. 

Then, we made a Michigan sign for Daddy.  Michigan is still having an AWESOME basketball season! #2 this week and looks like they will be #1 next week! Woohoo! Go Blue! 

Braxton reading on his train. 

Then we built a super long choochoo train! 

The boys played in their Lightning McQueen tent

Brenton attempted to use a spoon for the first time.  He loves to hold the spoon and place it in the bowl.  His hand to mouth coordination is not quite there yet - but it will be soon! He's almost got it! A few cheerios made it in his mouth with each bite. 

He decided to take a break from the spoon and go with his tried and true method.  Yogurt and cheerios make quite the mess...but it's so fun to watch him learn! 

Our friends, Max and Kate, came over this evening for dinner.  Braxton had a blast playing with them and we had a blast chatting and catching up after the kiddos when to bed. :) 

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