Friday, January 25, 2013

January 18, 2013

Good morning!! Time to start the day!! 

The boys are up and snuggling watching a quick episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in our bed. 

Today Brenton and I are headed to lunch with one of the best - Jessica! It's chilly out today so he's wearing his awesome jacket Uncle Matty and Aunt Emily got him for his birthday.  A better pic of the jacket to come. 

Snoozin' on the way to lunch. I just looooove a sleepy baby.  He just looks so warm and cozy. Love!

...COOLEST JACKET EVER! So adorable! 

Braxton has his awesome jacket on too! He never wants to take his "hat" off when he's wearing it.  It stays on the entire day at school.  This is us coming home from school. Such a sweet little guy  dinosaur! 

The boys built a tower while I cooked dinner. 

Then waited patiently for daddy to come home.  They get so excited to see his car pull up. I love Brenton's toes in this picture.  He's stretches so tall so he has a good view too like his big brother. 

Our silly, happy boys! 

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