Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 15, 2013

January 15, 2013

Brenton started his morning out by quickly hopping into his favorite place :) One of these days I'll get video of him hopping in and out of this toy box. 

He is walking more and more each day! He takes about 5 steps at a time now. 

Braxton is such a silly boy.  After Brenton got out of the toy box he called me over and said "mommy! come take a picture of me for daddy!!" Such a ham.  He had just come home from another great day at school. 

The boys love Nick Jr's Bubble Guppies.  We watched a quick episode before heading out for a nice walk. 

The boys love this wagon so much.  We took a nice stroll down our street and then came back to grab bikes. 

In their bikes, ready to head out on another walk down the street. 

Braxton didn't last long on his bike today.  He asked if he could run and walk instead.  One of his favorite activities is to walk to the very end of our street to collect acorns.  Both sides of street are lined with oak trees.  For some reason, only the very last tree on our street produces acorns.  Braxton calls this the acorn tree and we visit it often. He is such a boy and loves nature so much.  Brenton patiently waited for Braxton to collect his daily acorn loot.  

Braxton helped push Brenton for a portion of our walk.  This little bike is tough to push because it is connected to the handle bars in front of Brenton.  As we walk, little B likes to hang on to his handle bars.  If you're not prepared, he will steer you right off the sidewalk.  Braxton pushed until Brenton started doing his handle bar trick - then momma had to take over. During our walks, Braxton loves to run ahead of us.  He runs to the first tree he sees, then stops.  He waits for us to catch up then when I say GO! he runs to the next.  I cherish these special walks with the boys so much.  

Daddy came home early for a family dinner tonight! I love sitting at the table with all of my boys.  They are all so special.  Braxton told us all about his day at school.  His 2nd soccer season started today so he had LOTS to talk about :) 

Tonight's dinner: Slow cooked cuban pork, spanish rice, garlic green beans and cuban bread with olive butter! Yummy!! Even the boys ate the meat! Score! 

The Speigl Band practiced after dinner tonight! 

Braxton and Daddy with allllllll the maracas. 

Band practice!! 

Jammies on but one last quick game of choo choo train before bed! Tonight, Brenton was the conductor and Braxton was the caboose :) love love love being a mommy to these special boys.  They are so much fun! 

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