Friday, January 25, 2013

January 17, 2013

For the first time in my life as a mommy....I had to deal with throw up outside of our house, in a public place.  Brenton and I made a quick run to Costco to grab some chicken and other necessitates. While in the cart he pushed his finger all the way to the back of his mouth and gagged himself.  It was a mess.  All over me, all over the floor....all over the entire cart of groceries.  Thankfully I had just put a brand new pack of baby wipes in my bag. I was so frustrated and embarrassed.  Mostly because I really had never come up with a game plan of what to do when my child pukes in public.  My typical game plan is to NOT go to the store if they are sick....well, I could have never predicted that this little monkey would gag himself. The even had to close the aisle down and bring out one of those big automatic floor cleaning/sanitizing machines. Ay yi yi. But..then I looked up and saw this face.....

and really, how could I be frustrated with THAT FACE?! Oh my goodness. It was quite an experience.  We were both a mess. I did my best to clean us up enough to just check out and get the heck out of there. The good news is 1. he wasn't sick, woohoo! and 2. I now know how to handle myself in that particular situation should it ever happen again! :)  

Brenton is getting so much better with his walking! Braxton likes to chase him :) Sorry the pics are blurry...these two are always on the move...they are even a blur in real life! Haha! 

Big boys! 

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