Friday, January 25, 2013

January 21, 2013

Today was MLK day so my mom was off work.  Mike is still out of town so I got the boys up, fed and dressed and took Braxton into school. Then Brenton and I headed to Bradenton to address envelops for the big 60th Anniversary celebration.  While Braxton was waiting for me to put on his shoes he said "mommy! Brenton wants to sit by me on the couch! Please put Booboos on the couch with me!" Sweet brothers!!

We sent this picture to Mike with a good morning greeting.  So happy he will be home tomorrow! We miss him! 

Hanging out at grandma's house 

Getting more and more brave every single day! He will be running soon! Eek! 

I didn't get many pictures today :( This afternoon I left Brenton at my mom's house and drove to pick up Braxton from school.  We came right back to Bradenton and met up with mom and Bob for dinner at Geckos.  The boys were absolutely perfect at dinner.  We even had people come to the table to tell us how well behaved they were.  I'm so proud to be their mommy.  They do have their moments - but they certainly are sweet, well behaved boys :) 

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